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The two neighborhoods that now comprise the area once known as Double Oaks have come a long way since The New York Times dubbed Double Oaks “one of the most violent neighborhoods in America where drug gangs openly fought for turf and syringes littered a forgotten park where children once played.” Brightwalk is located on an 88-acre tract that largely encompassed the Double Oaks Apartments - 576 barracks style rental homes built in 1950 by the CD Spangler Construction Company. The apartments were initially managed by Fred Alexander, a businessman who worked with Spangler on numerous developments and who later became the first African American elected to Charlotte’s City Council in the 20th century. Double Oaks was home to a proud and vibrant neighborhood. Community leaders were raised here. Schools, businesses, and churches flourished as did a natural landscape of beautiful oak trees. The Double Oaks community also included Double Oaks Nursery, Double Oaks Elementary School and Double Oaks Pool.

Double Oaks Nursery was rebuilt in 2010 as part of the low-income housing tax credit funded development of The Alexander Apartments. The new Double Oaks CDC began as a joint venture between the Presbytery of Charlotte and Myers Park Presbyterian Church. It was established to provide care for children of working parents living in or working near the Double Oaks neighborhood. The 5,100 sq./ft. facility is now fully-equipped with a commercial grade kitchen, six classrooms, administrative offices, reception area, and outdoor play area.

Constructed in 1956, the original Double Oaks Pool was always a place to cool down and interact with neighbors for Charlotte’s African American communities along the Statesville Avenue and Beatties Ford Road Corridors. The county acquired the land for the new Double Oaks Family Aquatic Center through a swap with The Housing Partnership. In exchange for the aquatic center site, the county gave up land where the former Double Oaks Pool was located, at the corner of Statesville and Newland Avenues. The new Double Oaks Family Aquatic Center is a centerpiece of the revitalization that draws on the tradition of the original Double Oaks Pool. The $3.5 million facility, situated at the corner of Woodward and Statesville Avenues, boasts an array of family aquatic features.


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